Responsible sea exploration

Hybridized drive solutions can play a key role in protecting marine environments

Equipped with a Transfluid HM3350 150kW hybrid propulsion system and powered by a powerful Baudouin 6M26.3 diesel engine, a new hybrid oceanographic vessel can sail at a maximum speed of 15kts and a cruising speed of 12kts. This combination of technologies enables the vessel to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.
The vessel is dedicated to underwater natural research, committed to understanding ancl conserving marine ecosystems. With a maximum capacity of 12 crew members, it focuses on exploring sensitive areas such as the Cies Islands in Spain. During research expeditions, there are zero emissions ancl low noise levels are maintained to preserve the tranquility of natural environments, guaranteeing that work does not negatively affect the surrounding environment.

Company ethos
Eco-sustainability is at the core of Transfluid’s mission. Every aspect of operations is designed to mìnimìze environmental impact, contributing to the conservation of our precious seas. Furthermore, thanks to the efficiency of the company’s hybrid propulsion systems, Transfluid can optimize fuel consumption, ensuring significant long-term energy savings.
With aver 9,700km of coastline between Spain and Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula offers a rich market far sustainable mari time solutions. Increasing focus on sustainable tourism, coupled with governmental support and European environmental strategies far port vessels, creates a favorable environment far the adoption of innovative technologies like Transfluid’s systems.
With this project, Transfluid is committed to leading the charge toward more sustainable, efficient ancl safe maritime navigation.
Through research, innovation and steadfast commitment to environmental protection, the company aims to contribute to the preservation of our seas, rivers and lakes.