Sistema ibrido parallelo per barca passeggeri

The Passenger boat powered by Transfluid’s parallel Hybrid System, 28 meters long and 5 meters wide,  can carry 100 passengers and   it’s working since 5 years in the river Oise, north of Paris The idea of the End User was to give passengers a new way of sailing, putting together comfort and environment protection.

The Boat is able to navigate silently in electric mode and if needed or permitted, in Diesel mode. It’s a true redundant propulsion System, which is good for safety. having two parallel power  sources, it gives twice as long as the range it was with the Diesel or the electric motor only. When it’s sailing in Diesel mode,  the battery can be recharged, thus extending the range in electric mode cruising.

This  success allows us to look positively to the future, regarding the development of innovative propulsion systems and the requirements of tourism market, which is increasingly conscious  about environmental friendly and comfortable solutions.

The Transfluid’s Hybrid System installed on this specific boat, is the HM2000-75, with 75 kW rated electric motor, fed by 300 Vdc battery bank. The bidirectional frequency drive enables the use of the electric machine both as a motor and as a generator. A Translfuid’s Revermatic marine gear is fitted on the hybrid system and this, together with the power shift technology installed, makes the installation even smoother.