Hybrid catamaran

A new passenger service on the Croatian coast uses the latest in hybrid propulsion.

Technological innovation has reached the Croatian coast with the introduction ofthe first hybrid catamaran built in a Croatian shipyard, marking a milestone in the country’s sustainable mobility. Commissioned by the Public Reserve Authority of Lokrum in Dubrovnik, the cutting-edge catamaran, which has been equipped with Transfluid’s HM2000 hybrid propulsion system, is set to transform how visitors reach Lokrum Island in the Adriatic Sea.

The 15m aluminum catamaran is designed for passenger transportation, with a capacity of so people, including two spaces for differently ab led individuals. Its maximum speed of 18kts ensures an efficient, comfortable journey between the Trsteno port and the botanical garden on Lokrum Island.

Transfluid’s HM2000 hybrid propulsion system, incorporating two 20kw motors and two 100Ah batteries, enables silent, efficient, eco-friendly navigation.

Commitment to sustainability

The Public Reserve Authority of Lokrum is committed to enhancing the visitar experience and protecting the ìsland’s ecosystem. The introduction of this new hybrid catamaran represents a significant step toward these goals, demonstrating that sustainability can be integrated into every aspect of modern life, including maritime transportation.

Transfluid’s hybrid propulsion not only reduces harmful emissions in the atmosphere but also powers onboard services, utilizing the dedicated traction battery bank and regeneration mode during navigation with the thermal engine. This advanced power solution enables greater energy efficiency, reducing the overall environmental impact of the catamaran.

Transfluid is well known for its extensive range of hybrid and electric propulsion systems, established in the marine market and used in various applications. The company is known for mass-producing its products efficiently and delivering them promptly, along with high levels of customer support and after-sales service.

The HM2000 hybrid propulsion system is one of many solutions offered by the company, and is suitable fora wide range of applications including passenger transportation, cargo transportation and workboats. With the introduction of the hybrid catamaran, Lokrum Island is demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and at the same time providing a superior trave! experience for passengers.

Transfluid expects this initiative to be just the beginning of a new era of sustainable maritime transportation in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, and looks forward to supporting future applications.