Hybrid and electric propulsions, states general and legislation, charging infrastructures, Lagoon area

On Friday 4 June, at 3.30 pm, a conference organized by Assonautica Venezia will be held inside the Torre di Porta Nuova at the Venice Arsenal. Transfluid participates with a report presenting the electric and hybrid systems with the numerous applications already installed in various countries of the world.

It leads and it moderates by the journalist Roberto Arditti

I SESSION: at 3.30 pm

– Marino Masiero, President of Venice Assonautica
– Giovanni Acampora, President of Italian Assonautica
– Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice
– Giuseppe Conte, President of the Council of Ministers

II SESSION: at 4.45 pm

– Aniello Raiola, Port Authority
– Kevin Desmond, VENICEAGENDA2028
– Gianluca Cuzzolin, ACTV
– Federico Adolfo, Veritas Group
– Claudio Iannelli, E- Concept
– Luca Poggiali, Repower
– Fabio Sacco, ALILAGUNA
– Paola Matteri, Cantiere Matteri
– Ugo Pavesi, TRANSFLUID
– Franco Gnessi, Dynaship Yacht Design
– Giancarlo Galeone, Anvera
– Pietro Tosi, CCMPAEA