We are proud to announce that Transfluid is the first company in the world to have obtained the DNV-GL Type Approval on the range of its marine Hybrid modules.

The TRANSFLUID system allows to reconcile an eco-compatible navigation, obtained in the electric mode, with a wide range navigation and in total safety in the face of possible adversities, obtained with the internal combustion engine navigation during which it is obviously possible to exploit the electric machine to recharge the batteries in “regeneration” mode.

The electric motor is powered by a high-efficiency lithium battery bank (LiFePO4), capable of powering the entire system in ZERO emission mode and completely silent. It is also possible to increase the autonomy with the aid of an on-board generator, with more contained power than the main Diesel, with the function of a range extender which, even during electric navigation, can supply power to the propulsion batteries.

The TRANSFLUID hybrid system has the flexibility to meet the needs of most yards operating in the leisure and work boating sector. Which will allow its customers to program an ecological, silent and cost-saving navigation, features that can also be extended to work on working vessels such as loading and unloading, passenger transport, etc.

The synchronization of the two possible navigation modes also allows fuel savings in the logic of the overall route; moreover, it offers the pleasure of sailing in absolute silence, entering protected areas, staying at anchor without the engines running, going along pristine areas without polluting the environment, entering the port or the Venetian canals and maneuvering in silence and without “ to pollute”.

The components of the hybrid system are designed and built by TRANSFLUID and are used in various marine applications; thanks to this, all the components are built in series, with an economically interesting logic of scale.