United States Fforest Service recently announced its commitment to the introduction of clean, sustainable electric transportation to help preserve the environment and enhance the visitor experience at one of the nation’s natural treasures, Sabino Canyon. to facilitate the introduction of environmentally responsible transportation, the Forest Service announced the award of a five year contract to Regional Partnering Center (RPC),  to provide a fleet of zero emission, open air, 62-passenger trams, RPC has teamed with Trams International, a leading U.S. tram manufacturer.   This important project includes a very demanding duty cycle on a route featuring steep grades and several water crossings. Trams International further disclosed that it’s been their professional pleasure to work closely with Transfluid based firm to provide key drive system components for the project and its subsidiary Transfluid LLC. Transfluid is a 60 years old company who design and produce internally hybrid and full electric transmission systems. The plug-and-play transmission system installed on these vehicles is fully electric, which core is a 100 kw  (130 kw peak) permanent magnet e-machine supplied thru a dedicated traction inverter, with an high energy lifepo4 battery and managed via can-bus and control system developed in house. The e-machine is mated to a gear and a clutch to transfer the power to the wheels.