Electric River Cargo Vessel
TRX Marine has been commissioned by the French Ecofluv, with the construction of an innovative river cargo vessel, which can operate in completely electric mode, with zero emissions. . It is powered by batteries, with a compact and intelligent electric and propulsion system, supplied by Transfluid, able to navigate without any emissions into the atmosphere. These systems provide the power needed for vessel propulsion and cargo handling operations. The vessel is equipped with modern equipment for a wide range of operations. In addition to the main battery system for the thrusters, there are solar panels for recharging and the stored energy is also used to power the on-board services and other auxiliary systems. Thanks to this, the ship runs only on electricity supplied by batteries, with no Diesel generators in operation.

The boat can run efficiently and quietly in electric mode and switch quickly to operation with Diesel generators, in case of an emergency. Lithium batteries can also be charged from a shore power connection. Transfluid’s fully integrated turnkey solution uses a power management system that communicates with all components via a CAN Bus protocol.
The batteries, electric motors and drives are all homologated and certified with DNV “Type Approval”.

About Electric propulsion system
The Transfluid supply includes two 75 kW @ 1500 rpm electric azimuth thrusters each, double hydraulic power unit for the wheelhouse, two independent battery banks of 163 kWh each, two independent 44kW DC/AC converters, bow thruster and 6 usable battery chargers both for recharging on the quay and during navigation. All of this will be combined with two 45 kW diesel generators which can be used as an emergency during navigation or to recharge the batteries if shore power is not available.

The whole scope of supply is provided with all the signal cables and the main power cables.
The system is completed by the displays, the throttles for controlling the azimuth thrusters and engines, the ignition keys and all the necessary electrical boxes.

About Transfluid
Transfluid was founded in 1957 and specializes in the production and design of large, medium and small power transmissions. Thanks to our skills and experience, today Transfluid has been able to create what are the products of the future, namely parallel hybrid transmissions and pure electric transmissions. We have started production of our permanent magnet motors, which complete the hybrid product and the pure electric product in the most complete way. Our hybrid and electric systems ensure maximum environmental friendliness in terms of both emissions and noise. With its extensive network of subsidiaries, service centers and distributors worldwide, Transfluid guarantees maximum reliability of its systems.

 About Ecofluv
Ecofluv is a French shipping company and service provider. Ecofluv is specialist in river shipping market. Ecofluv currently has a modern fleet of specialized cargo vessels and always has vessels and crews working on French Rivers, and occasionally also in Central Europe.

About TRX
TRX Marine, with its modern facilities, is one of the new building shipyard located in Yalova, Turkey. TRX is building sophisticated and special purpose ships and able to build different types of vessels; fishing vessels, offshore units, and ferry/passenger vessels.