Parallel Hybrid System

Transfluid Hybrid System

Transfluid Electric Hybrid Sistem

Hybrid Propulsion System

Less consumption, less pollution and less noise, the ecological solution for every need.

Transfluid provides a complete range of parallel hybrid propulsion systems.

The hybrid solution is a perfect synthesis between zero emissions propulsion and traditional propulsion, combining the benefits of electric navigation with the  autonomy of an internal combustion engine. The parallel hybrid is also virtually independent from the recharge points thanks to the “recharging” mode during endothermic navigation; furthermore, its configuration provides a redundant  propulsion system, useful if the  need for a “come-home” system arises.

The Transfluid hybrid system can be installed in new and existing boats. The module is installed between the internal combustion engine and the transmission, with the electrical machinery assembled parallel to the propulsion line, in a  compact space and in compliance with SAE connection standards used by  engine and transmission manufacturers.