The strength of Transfluid-Bellmarine products lies in the union of two distinct and long-established technologies that guarantee high quality products.

Bellmarine is the leading company in the production of “turnkey” electric propulsion systems whose success lies in simplicity, installation speed and easy use.

Transfluid is a renowned brand around the world in the production of transmission units and electric motors.

The combination of these two “experiences” leads to what is proudly displayed on this website and in the corresponding catalogue.

All our electric motors are permanent magnet and are the newest generation and provide the highest performance.

Thanks to over 60 years of production and sales around the world  the wide variety of  transmission solutions are the most reliable offered in today’s marine industry.

Customised development of accessories is the result of collaboration with sector companies who have provided their best technology.

Batteries are exclusively produced to our specifications and are manufactured according to the best safety and reliability standards.