BELLMARINE present the new LEEN 56 and 72 Diesel-Electric, thanks to the collaboration between NEEL-TRIMARANS and BELLMARINE.

The trimaran hybrid trawler yachts are equipped with an innovative, high performance and strong reliable propulsion system. Thanks to the 2 electric motors on the outer hulls, and a central thermal engine on the main hull, the LEEN trimarans have a propulsion adapted to all situations and navigation program.

Equipped of a Bellmarine electric motors DriveMaster 15kW in each hull developing 15kW, with liquid cooling system, it allows for smooth manouverings and around 7kn maximum speed without noise and in a eco-responsible navigation. The electric propulsion is able to run continuously the yacht at almost 5kn with the support of the ONAN Genset, for tremendous range and very limited pollution

With an important pack of Lithium batteries 48Vdc both for propulsion and boat services, it provides a very satisfying authonomy. No maintenance needed for the Bellmarine motors and thanks to their small volume they can be fitted in nerrow places.

The Cummins main engines – “Intermittent Duty” for the 56 and “Heavy Duty” for the 72 – are designed to run 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. For the electric motors, LEEN-TRIMARANS has opted for Bellmarine, a manufacturer highly reputed in the sailing world for its electrical systems. These electric motors are exceptionally reliable, as evidenced by their use in many professional vessels.

The three motors are mounted in line with the shaft so as to minimise the number of intermediate components and consequently the mechanical wear of the systems. This assembly reduces pressure losses, thus optimising drive efficiency.