The first hybrid catamaran built in a Croatian shipyard, commissioned by the Lokrum Public Reserve Authority in Dubrovnik, is revolutionizing passenger transport between Trsteno and Lokrum, paving the way for a more sustainable maritime future.
The 15-meter aluminum catamaran is designed to carry up to 50 passengers, including two spaces for individuals with disabilities. With a maximum speed of 18 knots, it offers efficient and comfortable journeys through the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.
The real innovation lies in its hybrid propulsion system provided by TRANSFLUID, a renowned leader in the production of electric motors and hybrid propulsion systems. The HM2000 system incorporates two 20 kW motors and two 100 Ah batteries, ensuring quiet, efficient, and eco-friendly navigation.
What makes this catamaran unique is its ability to power onboard services by utilizing the dedicated traction battery bank and the regeneration mode during navigation with the thermal engine. This advanced solution not only reduces pollutants in the atmosphere but also contributes to greater energy efficiency, reducing the overall environmental impact of the catamaran.
TRANSFLUID, with its extensive range of hybrid and electric propulsion systems well-established in the maritime market, has played a key role in this significant step towards sustainable passenger transport in Croatia. The company is renowned for efficient and timely mass production, along with excellent customer support and after-sales service.
The introduction of this hybrid catamaran is just the beginning of a new era of sustainable maritime transport in the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to TRANSFLUID’s technology, the future of maritime navigation in beautiful Croatia is greener and more promising than ever.