Bellmarine Electric Propulsion for Galvani Boats

It is with great pleasure that Transfluid-Bellmarine  announce the collaboration with Galvani Boten. Quality boats as the Galvani produce need an outstanding quality propulsion. The collaboration with Transfluid-Bellmarine is the logic choice.

For the production of 2022 Transfluid will provide the complete propulsion and energy with the Bellmarine Drivemaster and Torquemaster range and the complete Transfluid battery packs. Under one name, one brand and one company Transfluid is able to supply Galvani both propulsion and energy, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency and integration.

This collaboration from the ground up will allow Galvani to best integrate the propulsion and the battery packs in the design of their boat creating a more efficient, comfortable and sustainable allocation of weights and spaces. With the experience of Transfluid and the creativity of Galvani the future of electric boating is limitless. Beauty and electric power have finally found each other